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Naturally occurring Wild Guava leaves are unique to the Guava plant species. Our Wild Guava Leaf Extract is grown, hand harvested and naturally extracted without the use of solvents. Over 5,000 Wild Guava trees are grown on our privately owned and secured farm. Trees are irrigated with water from a 1,000 foot drop well, free from herbicides and chemicals, allowing for the most naturally occurring form of Wild Guava Leaf Extract available.
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Guava And Alcohol
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Guava Leaf effects on Alcohol Complications

The ingestion (drinking) of alcohol causes a number of changes in your body that may affect general health. The intensity of these alterations depends on the quantity of drinks, and the variables that can occur in your own body - allergies, the state of the immune system, age, the existence of other health problems, the drugs you are taking, your state of hydration, and the balance of "free radicals" in your system. The real challenge is whether these body affects can be altered or prevented.

Free radicals are particles with a negative charge that attack your cells. They are called scavengers (oxidants). Over time these free radicals can affect your energy, and even your genetic background if they penetrate or get into your cells. You produce these free radicals everyday. You have natural defenses to neutralize these free radicals. The key is to keep them in balance by eating correctly, by using vitamins, exercising, and possibly taking antioxidants that balance the system and keep you healthy.

Studies have shown that alcohol increases these free radicals. Alcohol can also give you headaches (by too much ingestion). Alcohol stimulates nerve fibers in the stomach that can send signals to the brain and could cause these headaches. Alcohol can also set off an imbalance of hormones that affects your state of hydration (causes you to urinate more frequently). Alcohol can directly act on the lining of your stomach causing pain and irritability, with vomiting as well as causing direct inflammation. It may stimulate acid secretion if enough alcohol is absorbed. The liver also can be affected by producing substances that affect its normal action. It thus may affect the glucose or sugar balance in your system. So you may see many changes that occur with moderate, acute or chronic alcohol abuse.

Can you prevent these above changes from occurring? An antioxidant with very high potency called guava leaf extract can help (as high quality antioxidants do) modify free radicals and thus help to prevent these problems. It has a unique quality called synergy. This means that it has multiple antioxidants that in a combination, works better and is more effective than any single antioxidant. If guava leaf extract is coupled with bicarbonate (an effervescent), it can reduce acid and help prevent the antispasm affect (vomiting). When coupled with bicarbonate, a decrease in acid secretion in the stomach should occur, thus protecting the stomach lining so that nerves are not as affected and thus, headaches and hormone changes may not progress. The guava leaf extract in effervescent or fizziness form should help to quicken absorption with the aid of good water intake, and decrease the alcoholic affect of dehydration.

Arnold S. Leonard, M.D., Ph.D.
Medical Advisor

Dr. Leonard was Professor of Surgery at the University of Minnesota and Head of the Pediatric Surgery Department. He has devoted himself entirely to cancer research in genetic engineering, boosting the immune system with human inerleukin-2 gene, boosted by the use of very high antioxidant oils. An Endowed Scholar Chair has been placed in Dr. Leonard's name in the Surgery Department at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Leonard belongs to most major surgical societies, and continues to lecture throughout the world on the importance of the immune system and its relationship to cancer plus the importance of nutraceuticals as synergistic to the genetic engineering experiments in reducing cancer.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not take more than 2 tablets every 12 hours. As with all supplements, seek advice from a physician before using.


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This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not take more that 2 tablets every 12 hours.
As with all supplements, seek advice from a physician before using.

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