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Here are some of the bars and restaurants that offer Drinkin' Mate to their customers:

     Borrowed Buck's Roadhouse      Breakers Bar and Grill      Bullpen Sports Bar      Sneaky Pete's Bar      The Ranch Club      Lord Fletcher's Lake Minnetonka      Phat Pheasant's Pub      Primetime Sports Bar and Grill      Grumpy's Bar and Grill      Bumpers Restaurant and Sports Bar      Fandango's Sports bar & Grill      The Old Log Cabin      Fletcher's Pub      Game On Sports Bar      Milligan's      Saw Mill Saloon      Bar Products      Big D's Bar and Grill      Speedee Mart      Brigs of Wake Forest      MGM Grand Casion

What is Drinkin' Mate™?

  • Drinkin' Mate™ is an effervescent tablet with all natural Wild Guava Leaf extract that reduces or eliminates the negative effects of alcohol.
  • Drinkin' Mate™ tablets defend against aches, fatigue, queasy stomach, and dehydration associated with alcohol consumption.


How does Drinkin' Mate™ work?

  • While many products claim to be a cure for hangovers, Drinkin' Mate™ works by converting excess alcohol into by-products that your body easily processes to reduce the negative effects of alcohol.


How do I take Drinkin' Mate™ tablets?

  • Drinkin' Mate™ tablets are convenient. Simply drop one effervescent tablet in 4 - 6 ounces of water, dissolve and drink!


When do I use Drinkin' Mate™?

  • Drinkin' Mate™ helps the body's natural response in processing alcohol. Take it any time you have been consuming alcohol; it can be used before, during or after consuming alcohol.


Can I take a Drinkin' Mate™ tablet while I am drinking alcohol? Will Drinkin' Mate™ work if I take it the next day?

  • You can take Drinkin' Mate™ before, during or after consuming alcohol. Our recommendation ~ Start tomorrow right by taking a Drinkin' Mate™ Tonight.
  • For best results, take one tablet before you go to bed!



Are there any side effects with Drinkin' Mate™?

  • There are no side effects or health risks in taking Drinkin' Mate™.
  • As with all supplements, seek advice from a physician before using.


What does Drinkin' Mate™ taste like?

  • Wild Berry!


What is the science behind Drinkin' Mate™?

  • Because of the very high level of antioxidants found in Wild Guava Leaf extract, Drinkin' Mate™ improves the body's efficiency of hydration.
  • Supercharged antioxidants protect cells from destruction by free radicals.
  • The effervescent nature of Drinkin' Mate™ neutralizes hydrochloric acid to reduce stomach queasiness.
  • Stomach lining is protected eliminating the nerve signals triggering headaches.


How much Wild Guava Leaf extract is in a Drinkin' Mate™ tablet?

  • 1000mg of all natural Wild Guava Leaf extract is in each tablet.


Why is Wild Guava Leaf extract so important?

  • With 1000mg in each tablet, Wild Guava Leaf extract is the story and secret that makes Drinkin' Mate™ effective. Dr. Arnold Leonard MD, PH.D (University of Minnesota) confirms that the physiology of Wild Guava Leaf extract found in Drinkin' Mate™ coupled with its effervescent nature positively effect the body's ability to process alcohol.
  • Dr. Leonard is a researcher and professor of surgery at the University of Minnesota.


How effective is Drinkin' Mate™?

  • Drinkin' Mate's combination of Wild Guava Leaf extract and effervescence is a patented formula, which can help the body's natural response in processing alcohol.
  • Consumers reported a 90% effective rate in reducing or eliminating the negative effects of alcohol with Drinkin' Mate™.


Where can I buy Drinkin' Mate™?

  • Drinkin' Mate™ can be purchased at Convenience Stores, Drug Stores, Grocery Stores and Online Retailers.
  • Drinkin' Mate™ is also available at select bars, restaurants and liquor stores.


How much does Drinkin' Mate™ cost?

  • Drinkin' Mate™ 4 tablet package has a Suggested Retail Price of $8.99-$9.99 and provides defense against 4 hangovers.
  • Drinkin' Mate™ individual tablets have a Suggested Retail Price of $1.00-$2.00.
  • Actual price in store is determined by individual retailer.


Where is Drinkin' Mate™ produced?

  • Drinkin' Mate™ is manufactured, packaged and shipped out of the United States.
This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not take more that 2 tablets every 12 hours.
As with all supplements, seek advice from a physician before using.

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